Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Heart's and Elementary Fire - Entering Hot Leo.

7. 17. - 26.  2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Burning the Fidelity-Gift of the Gods
within one's own Heart-Oven.
My German headline
this week.

look at the end of Cancer Sun is catching up with Mars for
a meeting in early Leo
so the f*ire will be associated
with the gift of stardom = central light= Sun
radiating from the heart
of the system

it's families time in zodiac
from receiving over to

so much for that step from receiving to expelling 

on Sunday that step from water to fire will   be done
from  heart and ire'
or Sun and Mars united
 = rare occurrence
two weeks in 1,6 years

fire is the dominant beginner
on each floor of the elements

and the zodiac with tha familiar divine lights
 as each one's home
provides something like a distance view at the anthill
we're living in 
- well, not we
but part of our veins

and each one needs this part called ascendant
cause to know the element to begin with
to know 'ones element' = to know
what three other elements one is not due to be
what a relief
others  keep bothering with these three elements

and 'my experience and observation by dancing the fool's dance is that rarely somebody is shaking in, but also rarely nobody ... and before and beyond 70 nothing is better than the ocean of rhythms musicians like our Groover+ Combo are able let become  hearable around us Hörnle/Obb."finger"and to chosen dancers  radiating groove of   soul and stick pushing the body from within

and Sun and Mars in the expressive Leo?   Time to start (to create) an intensity of soul's radiation, or an otbreak of impatience?

And it is Uranus, man-God to me, adding his resonances to Sun and Mars in an expression of boldness and sovereignty of individual soul of man.

And the myth-creating archetypes speak of the Sun-hero with the great heart , who's quest leads him to be sucked into the monster's  belly ... later  the hero cuts himself  outside and killes the monster.
This being sucked- into it is a necessary stage of the drama tells the myth.

And fading into the week the Venus-things of roots and drama  in the resonance with the Neptune - chaos to the consciouness, but washing away all intellectual straight-jackets. Venus' resolutions occure oin the field of information = Twins.

And in the second half of the week Mercury in Leo meeting with  Venus of the Earth-conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter. Venus the elementary archetypal female mirroring heaven by picking it's fruits. 
This Venus in Leo since 1802 is a compromised Venus, reminding of  the reserves of the society gamed by Leo's player's addiction by risk.

Mercury in Leo is checking the accounts of the King. And by the dappled paths in the chart you can  see, that mighty archetypes in blue (air= thinking) and green (water= feeling) are resonating.

And Moon is on Friday relocating  from the outer to the inner perceptions . On Sunday  Sun+Moon+Mars since afternoon in the adventurous realm of Leo.

So much for the moment: Wednesday July 19. 2017, UTC: 19:21.



Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

It's so easy - it's the Zodiac Baby

Just ended my daily walkabout

 between Berlin, California, Russia, Florida,Bergischem Land, RheinHessen, Moscow,Moon of Alabama, finally  in Russ-in-Florida rooted 'Vineyard of the Saker" again in the Movable Cafe, again in the Californian corner, right at Bro again and a second glimpse on the Chinese Bridge- and Railway-links and the Bro-Dennis - Dispute on Railway and the american sin connected with it.

And I myself? In my Bavarian Murnau with it's link to Garmisch, Munic and Oberammergau?

I think Denis is right, as far, as he, like me,  is in the walkaway, while in good shape, trying to focus the thoughts, while all ways of comfort are becoming shorter and shorter till an open end we have to
keep the true meaning of "Man". To me it's  comprehended in the sequence of all circles = the zodiac

And I'm deeming Bro is right, as for the youth- and middle-ages has to be an infra-structure for
a decent civilized living.

And the 'Sino-Russian Way' of a by State  'tamed Capitalism' is strongly showing it's fruits, while
the rampant Anglo-Jewish-US -Capitalism is in the current Apocalypse since 2014 more and more showing, that it is finally the hotbed of fashism and terror, rooting in the shadow of the human heart painted as white, creating the virus-form of parasite-capitalism with it' toxical media-poison-production.

back to where I ended

that happened, cause I thought, like the Chinese asked the I Ching, I can ask the horoscope of the moment to answer: what is it?

And here it is, and it's so easy:

What emerges this hour? = Ascendant

Libra = Balance

Where? = Venus' place

Venus ? = Reserves

in House 8 = Planed Order

Concerning? = Twins

Twins = ways

What meets? = Descendant

Aries = Entering

where? Mars' place

exactly MC = 'medium coeli' (Midheaven)

over Murnau's heaven Mars in this moment changes the 
medium from concept = IV. quadrant
 into time = III. quadrant

4 Quadrants of time with the fixed meaning of the 12 houses of the day of the northern hemisphere
 receiving their special meaning by the actual  signs and lights of actual heaven turning around with the heaven around each horizon of the the northern hemisphere.

So heaven gave us home on earth and above it and horizon mirroring between them.

2017 28. Week

Murnau, 7. 15. 2017, UTC: 12:57.

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

Sun and Mars - Tornado in the Nozzle(with documentary)

  7. 12. - 19. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"With the development of modern natural sciences enormous
advances arrived in the coverage of the empirical external world.
Beside it something central more and more went into oblivion:
the significance of the psychic dimension and the possibility
 to be in connection with this other reality, the "inner nature"
with the aid of archetypal images."
Eva W.B.* p 301
"From Jung's investigation of the way of influence
of the archetypes it's known, that the powers of
 myth-shaping in the collective unconsciousness
are operating deeply  fascinating and seizing, 
particularly, as long as they are not recognized by
the consciousness"
Eva W.- B. p. 304

Astrology recognizes the
order of completness
in the severance into
succession = zodiac. 
A constellation in heaven is a traveling
rotating funnel-shaped complex.
Astrologers assess the beginning  suction 
at 7° (Sun and Moon more) which increases
more and more till at 0° the maximum
 = greatest'resonance' is reached.

  7. 12. 2017
Sun in Cancer = the gifts of the lap

what this week meets the eye
look up on the chart whom Mars in Cancer meets today
and on Sunday Sun will meet this same one:
24, 6° Cancer
what a place in the zodiak since 7. 17. 1802
a very special place for about 800 years
which I call an "aeon of the earth-element "
according to it's "Kings-conjunction"
something happening for each of the four elements
in these '800 years' steps
and we find us in a beyond
which is rhythmicly bound  within a
 far pounding but powerful
still resonating bang from the elements deep down undeneath
and high above consciousness but powerfull in the 
mirror of psyche in which the psychoid archetypes of time meet
spirit and bang
on Gods stage in our heart
mirroring the  secret of the fathers

so 24,6° Cancer was and is for '800' years
our ruling earth-Sun's place in the elemetary socket
today (Wednesday) this earth- Sun + Mars
has a meeting in the recevcing depth of souls watery roots
called Cancer  

in the wandering funnel of Moon 
all we share this earth- Sun in the depth of Cancer
carrying soul's meadows underneath every feeling
 now we have to take notice of a prominent personal 24,6° Cancer
Sun was at 24,6° Cancer while she was born:

17. 7. 1954, Hamburg
Angela Merkel

Now look at her Sun + Uranusher heart is with the stranger like that of the Donald.

now today Mars = burst of energy, uniting with the earth-
hearts of 215 years
and Sun will do the same on Sunday

while Mars yet will meet earth-Mercury in the close neighbourship
of earth-Sun
on Saturday

well I think astrology is something for the old ones and pensioneers, those who have the peace of time to do the child's thing: to look. Centuries of lookers might be needed, to build the spiritual boats, for herds of dear sheep, to set over to some 'New Jerusalem' of the earthly children of the creator of heaven and earth

again Mars +( Sun+ Mercury of the earth) shaping  the begin of another  new world
 these 24,6 - 26,9° Cancer are the 'nozzele' of an
elementary 'funnel' underneath our consciousness
met by Moon monthly by Mercury, Venus, Sun yearly and by Mars each 1,6 Years, and there is every three years, like this one,  a Jupiter-resonance.

7. 10.2017

fire = Aries
water = Cancer
air = Libra
earth = Capricorn

this powerfull archetypal psychoid rotating to imagine wandering
'funnel' of a cross-constellation
each four elements need to be united
of last week and this week united around two Suns
17. 7. 2017 
and all this is in an unconceivable way working with each other in the cloud of resonances of the cross of the elements this week
in which
resonate with another to a kind of
landscape in rhythms like
a powerfull cross
of all four elements
 displaying God's truth
summer = water 
fall = air
winter = earth
like the zodiak tells

and now in summer 2017

in the east ascending Uranus man-God
in the south
heart-God Sun and pusher-God Mars
in the fall
son-God Jupiter
in the winter 
helping God of the dead and yet unborne 

28. week  2017

with the Sun-Mars-tornado
wandering through the earth-funnel this week
 now to another powerfull sub-personality within us wandering with Venus
traveling the landscapes of the Twins 
while ruling Taurus and Libra 
she has a resonance-relationship whith
God's child Neptune in Pisces
this is a resonance of a lot of water in the air above
the herds of Venus aka cities

and  Venus' territories currently are regulated
in the service of  the approaching sovereign
then in the mirror of Scorpio
calling on the waiver
of treason
in love

Murnau 7. 12. 2017, UTC: 22:07.


 July 10. 2017 UTC 14:45 Tornado near Vienna

Pluto = the circle and Sun = the potency in resonance of opposite partnership between house 8 the guiding image (Leitbild) and house 2 =the territory/city. The 2. house belons to Sagittarius = the funnel and in house 1 = appearance is appearing the nozzle = Saturn in the funnel=Sagittarius.
July 14, 2017 UTC 18:36.