Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017

5. 29. - 6. 5. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Beginning and End Celebrating the Early Fire

5.  22. - 29. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  5. 24.  2017   

A date is like a man
unique in the proved
pathways of
the serpent time

measuring reliably according 
the non-temporal

hence the earthly/heavenly chronicler
has to deal with experiencing a piece of time
that has never been happening this way
while likewise happening incessently
the moove of traveling waves in circles

which movers are running slowly 
in the zodiac between the unniverse
and us

and the movements in the zodiac
and their meaning
is what this diary is dealing with

now to the "technique" of the diary: the diary is contemplating the changing of  conditions of the hypothetical "unified man", so to speak: the model unified male female man,  appearing as split in sexes. But the "unified man" is not split any longer but mended.
The zodiac = heavens spiral of signs beginning with 6 mirrors = days of creation.
 The zodiac has north, south east and west and with the Sun = bright day, the beginning is in the east 
Bible: God calls, elements answer in 6 days
 and celebration on the seventh day
Zodiac: Mirror number one: Pisces and Aries, number two: Aquarius and Taurus aso.

in the zodiac of each hemisphere
the spring is mirroring the winter
and the summer mirrors the autumn
21. Week 2017

the six mirrors of the unified (north-hemispheric ) man
Now, how to deal with the UM in the heavenly weathers? Answer:  Experience it. Step by step  into the enhancement of human consciousness about the dynamics more or less deep underneath the sensual perception.

Now in the 1. Mirror
of meaning and beginning
the beginning is constellated by

 Neptune in Pisces = dissolution
of all foregrounded
mirrored by
Venus and Uranus in Aries =
appearing at the surface:
the collection
of  the  new men
spearheads of a coming time
the childgod Neptune calling
 Venus and Uranus

2. mirror Mercury the divine data-gatherer and - teller
within the Taurus = gatherings
of Venus in the wild Land
 mirroring Aquarius'
visions in Aries

3. mirror
Sun and Mars 
elementary fire
and soulfire
mirroring Pluto the sacrificer in  
the fatherly Capricorn

4. mirror
Saturn from Sagittarius
is mirroring every four weeks in
Moon at home in Cancer's lap

6. mirror
Jupiter circling the worlds of love
in Libra
linking the  ties of success in the 6. mirror 
of proportion = Libra  
mirrored in health =Virgo


back to the Gods of the week
giving us signs and times
for the discovery
of one another
as living measures
of times

there is Mars in Twins
underway are beginnings  of a new
way of  bold talking the truth
also interesting for 
Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
as for the main resonances

on the way of Mercury in Taurus
the hiker in the village
  at weekend Mars and the starters reache
red Moon at 24,8° Twins
of the Kings conjunction in fire element
of  1603
in the mighty resonance with Saturn
and the fiery Grades of fire- Sun and - Venus
in 26° and 27° Sagittarius

 fire = blood and pain

red Moon = the lap of fire
home of ire
mother of the fire-child
door to the inward of the beginning
  home of earlyness
appearing is the 'pelican'
the bird = spirit
which according to a  symbol of the alchemists
tears feathers out    his breast
"to feed his young"

a projected symbol for the into- itself- retuning
process which life is

Aus Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie

The "Pelikan" called vessel of the Alchemists

Moon of fire in Twins = lap of  fire  in elementary spirit

this day we can celebrate
on Sunday with Mars and Saturn
in the 'pelican' together with the femaleness
in our ancestors on the returning
fire-Moon - day since
414 years

and with Mercury on Sunday
there will be another fire-day:

red Uranus = fiery man-spirit
in Dionysian black earth
unification of man and God at  14,2° Stier
likewise since 1603

The firebird
Aus Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie.
(Phoenix as symbol of resurrection)

and even now it's not enough in the calender of celebrations of the fire-element:

Saturn "Keeper of the threshold"
for weeks now on close contact 
with Sun and Venus of the fire - element

 as fire is on all three levels of the zodiac
the first element hence an meaningfull early-beginner celebration
is awaiting for those "plugged in"
together with the invisible spirit of  
the fire in our ancestors

Murnau, 22. 5. 2017 UTC: 12:55 
In English: 5. 24. 2017, UTC:  15:27.

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

A Biggy for Venus and Community of Man

  5. 8. - 15. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 2017 20. Woche

He who in his life has followed different
 approaches seriously
knows what it means: to "find" an
approach one could call:
"to be found"

by that one divine permanent ray of warmth
of God for his own miracle called human child
innocent spark within  four - chambered - heart
and two chambered brain

given into early 20th century citizen's 
family in middle Europe
now to be found around such persistant ray
in heart like Sun freely giving
allowed to become  quiet a mountain by years
around that ray within a one-man-prong
one might have asked for

this four-chambered center in astrology
is awarded to Sun = heart
within 365, 25 days in 12 Varieties of
a hot burning center in the focus of time 

and this meaning is ruling in the childlike heart
of anyone in the beginning
 as it has never been
in anyway else

the persevered approach as grapevine
of the four elements
spirit upon the Earth
drinking light air and water
into the dark earth
every year of a possible time

20. Week of 2017

Tuesday Mercury back in Taurus   
so one step up in zodiac
but also 2 steps down
cause Venus ruling Taurus
is in Aries yet

where is the grip for everybody?
there is no such thing like a gripe for everybody
like there is nobody to walk for you
so like a pair of feet one has 
one has a pair 
of brain halves
one for outside
and on for inside
and a thing like a bridge between
called soul 

and described in signs-language
wole circle between east and west and hell and heaven

starts in the east with a first 12th called Aries ...
and 0° Aries borders with 30° Pisces
and a meaning always is mirrored by an
or where there is Neptune there
is the mirror of Mars

as in my chronicler heart the ray
is pearcing at 7,2° Pisces
there has somewhere   a 22,8° Aries - mirror
spring well out of the depth
now let's start the round-trip close to the center 
whith Mercury leading our brain capacity from 
before behind below and above
and Thursday is another seed - day as Mercury
 is passing the an old old river on the meadows of early Taurus
it's Moon of 1305
now 712 old bonds with the feeling of mankind
in the shackels gravity

as to Venus like said above
and with her the reserves of men and things
so in the widest meaning the tribe of vegetarians
are without safe borders until 2. Week of June
coming tribes of these kind are on  test of
capability for survival it's a time each year where the new
fresh sprouts are coming out
this year 3 months what normally takes less than  1 month

Sun now heart of living entities
in his fourth and last week in Taurus
tenderly caressing the neck of the intimate heavenly cow

and Saturday then views the move of the 
center = Sun= heartinto the airy realm without borders
 of sensual thoughts in the spirit of the male Titans
3 above 2 but  lacking the fourth
called Twins by our sub-tropical ancestors
5.000 years before
and ryming on Egyptians like on Jews
like on oil in this world
like on Virgo and Mercury in heaven

a special ability between heaven and hell
in the certainty of reckoning
and discernment
Sun on Saturday in Twins
calling all those hearts with an abundance
of  words on tounge and in heart

now the biggy of the week:

Venus - opposition - Jupiter 
and on weekend Pluto included
and in Aries with these resonances
Venus gives birth
to a new quality of man with the
signs  of Uranus' superior spirit
Jupiters mind of concilliation and
 Pluto's readyness for sacrifice
as spearhead so God will

what by the way the old Greeks knew
700 B.Chr. that it is the way of the Gods
to instill hearts of the fighters 
figting for 
for their families and the graves of their ancestors
with courage and vigor
is verified day by day in the Donbass and Syria

Venus - Pluto - Jupiter

we inhabitants of the earth 
the invisible ancestors
conscious concilliation

in three different elements 

stride for demons - paradox love by Gods
use it or waste it

somebody uses it

and Mars in Twins listened to the last arguments of his quick force in Aries

but since Tuesday Twins intelligence again views in the Taurus-realm
of resource and storage which includes villages and cities
while Venus probing defence in the wild land of offence
the addition of Mercury's reconnaissance for the Venusian defenders 
bodes well
for the position of Venus

finally to Sun again
today another 3 days acoming
in middle spring- sign of earth Taurus
last 3 days and nights of saving all for the roots and

the stem and leaves
in the 12 house it's the coming stem's
heavenly place and meaning
before any timethe rest of the Sun-family resting in the continuation
of the often told:

the son-sponsored father
the marrying son
the sacrificing fathers

and the child in God's lap
 and the liberator's spirit within the men
in the wild Westend of Asia

"It is a vital, but also dangerous and ethical fussiest problem of modern civilisation, no more knowing and understanding, why life in the highest meaning should be a sacrifice. Man can do amazing things, if they have a meaning for them. But the complicathy is, to create this meaning."
C.G.Jung, Psychologie & Religion, § 133.

Finally the whole week once again viewed from the inner side in the archetypal sign of the woman and the night as symbols for the inner side of life signified by Cancer and Moon 
the  Godship of night and water ready to receive life

since Tuesday Moon in the element of air and emptyness in the sign of  Aquarius
Moon moving as the lap of heavenly shelter under the mind of the northern man

Friday Moon then in Pisces floating in the interior of the Sea of  unconscious interior until Sunday when noon once again starts the move in the circle in Aries' kicking.

Montag, den 15. 5. 2017, UTC: 12:52. In English: 5. 17. 2017 UTC: 17:44

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

A New Way of Talking - Putin at the Beijing Forum

Putins Speech at the Beijing Forum
caveat: the Moment is of  the publication
of Putin's statement which's exact time is yet unknown

What we have it the coarse structure:  
Taurus = a convention
ruler in Aries = a new convention
in the 11. house = origin = for the first time
Sun in Taurus = the center* is in the convention
Taurus-Sun in house 12 = convention of  believers in
future civilisations

Mars in 1. house = beginn of the beginning
Mars in Twins = new way of talking
Mars square Neptune = energy + pureness

 Everyone can see and hear true Eurasian  civilisation in Vladimir Putin's citation of the ancient Chinese I Ging referring to the symbol of the well as of one of "vitality that brings people together".

V.V. Putin again, the event was tailored by Gods, the schedule is to the point. Such precise work
in accord with the rhythms of the heaven mirroring the depth in human psyche is another kind of  seed, this great son of Russia is giving to the planetary community.

7. 10. 1952, Vladimir Putin 
trans 5. 14. 2017

Murnau 5. 14. 2017 UTC 20:39

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Uranus Cooling Mercury Down

  5. 8. - 15. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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5. 10. 2017

The  impact of drawing a Horoscope is such, that a certain "questionmnark" has been viewed
but in the most of times forgotten again by consciousness.

A certain bio/psychic level underneath our consciousness apparently  a deep-  receiving one, appeares with something, Wolfgang Pauli called: 'sensitiveness' of the archetypes for being looked at and Carl Jung referred to
the "transcendetal funktion" underneth consciousness, preparing coming solutions unless consciousness is enduring the unresolved conflict as long as necessary

So time whose time hasn't yet come - the fourth quadrant of the zodiac - and their rulers -
and of the 10., 11. and 12. house of each horoscope are 'allways and never' living Gods
in man in the anteroom of  time -
working in the heavenly mines of meaning
as child, fool, and father
singer, painter and writer

So folks with a preponderance in the 4th quadrant like to work for the meaning with very coutable
success in the world but feelin comfortable in hemitages and thinking-parlors and free workshops
rightly -  preparing unconsciously invisible futures, those folks, working in the spirit, not in need  for much more as  humble comfort, are precious for the cooling
caus, like the alchemists knew spririt is cooling down the heat of the soul = a flame 
hence with enough spirit cooling the zeal of the soul the "Heavenly Marriage" of the elements 
becomes possible: open time with least cost ... but possible in life

Examples of 4th quadrant-preponderance:

3. 7. 1883 7:00 Prag
29. 6. 1900, 9:06 Lyon
 Uranos ancient gr.: ' heaven',  lover of Gaia
father of Kronos
Grandfather of Zeus
Great Grandfather of Dionysos
 ruler of the 11. sign Aquarius
God of man as a Kings fool
 has this week the impact of  cool down the hysterics
 in the realm of the speedy brother Mercury
cooling down into a common rythm the whole week long
 And in the lowest floor of the individual psychic
element called body
where we are  square like the elements

there where we are hot, bright, and burning in impatience = Aries/Mars
there the cooling is happening this week by the spirit of man
Aquarius/Uranus = heavenly spirit
free like a bird above the throne of father Saturn
And wild like a bird, contaminated by Uranus,  Mercury is picking
at the psychic tongue of our ancestors in the element fire, just being passed by
Uranus and Mercury at 25,3° Aries since  1603   
But since the middle of next week Mercury again will be guest in the civilisations of Taurus
awaited for the stories of wild times at the front of Aries, he is preparing now.

Together with Venus are her reserves underway in new attack in the desert.

Mars after mirroring the sacrificer  Pluto on Monday/Tuesday
"denn Opfer will der Himmlischen jedes
nie hat es Gutes gebracht wenn eines versäumt wurde"
"for sacrifices the heavely want each one
never has it brought any good if one was missed
 - reminds Hölderlin …
further on Mars moves to the square with Neptune being perfect on Thursday
a heavenly child mirrored by an intellect-devilkin 
mellow wisdon in dialog with intellectual sharpness
mundane- astrological a moment in time 
in a horoscope something for learning to deal with
a whole life 
And Sun this week as soul-fire of Taurus in the green world
unchallenged, collecting, digesting and relishing redigesting
in all 12 possible houses of the day

As to the rest of all slow siblings at the archetypal sky, for the first time since late autumn 2016 they are remakable unremarkable,   'dealing'with nothing more than the own dimensions in the guest-signs.
And the world of imagination, fairy tales, heros, aka the image-stage 
of the third quadrant
with Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

is once again wandered through by Moon and with Moon by the feelingnow by Scorpio till Thursday afternoon, receiving the loyalty to the ancestors and the coming descendants.
Then in Sagittarius Moon is receiving the wide horizon of viewing the complete circle.
Then from Sunday afternoon till Tuesday afternoon Moon in the fatherly spirit of keeping.

And Wednesday allready within Aquarius Moon beginns feeling beyond cause.

Montag, 8. 5. 2017 UTC:  14:44.

Underneath our consciousness
 a vast kind of psychic
'continential' shelf undetected is carrying our minds
our egos are rooted in the bottom of
 our carnivorean Marsian insticts
or our herbivorean Venusian ones
or  a mixture of both of them with Mercuries air-nature
or finally non of them
All Gods and signs
Between sunrise and noon of  our birthday
are not dealing with present time
but with timeless meaning 

5. 8. 2017 UTC 17:28
In English 5. 10. 2017 UTC:  17:03